30-07-2018 21:57:30
Out on the loch tay today there’s been a 6inch rise of water so thought we might be lucky for a salmon.On the way back up the loch with mr Franck maurisson from France,the poker rod reel screamed off then I suddenly said salmon on gave the rod to Franck to play the fish while I got the other two rods in it was a great fight he had and well played not a fresh fish but great sport the fish was 13lb and returned safely

15-05-2018 21:10:28
This 9lb fish was long time coming three weeks since my last fish

26-04-2018 22:50:01
That’s fresh run salmon now entering loch tay now after this long cold winter we have boats for hire available and guided fishing as well Please contact me on 07967567347 Lochtayfishntrips@yahoo.co.uk

25-04-2018 17:58:23
Well done to Oliver Nicholas from San Francisco fishing with his dad Bob for catching his first salmon the fish had sea lice and was 8lb we also had a 10lber today also sea lived

24-04-2018 13:23:04
Well done to James Shawcross 10mins out on to the loch and had his first salmon 22lb let’s hope this is agood sign for the rest of the week

13-04-2018 20:16:44
Grant Tigwell

13-04-2018 20:14:57
Well done to Alan Brown with this 8lb bar of silver which was safely returned. It was a long time coming but well worth the wait after this long cold winter and a long spell of easterly winds. Lets hope this is the end of all the bad weather.

03-04-2018 21:05:25
Well done to Brian walker and his dad fishing with guide Simon for catching there first salmon 10mins before going in it was a cold and wait day you deserved it

30-03-2018 20:48:39
Good fishing day cold but what a bonus a 19lb springer for Vasilj Miller from Germany what a great fight he had with big rollers on loch tay this was his first ever salmon well done

30-03-2018 20:39:37
Vasilij Miller playing his 19lb springer on loch tay

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